Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Day in the Garden!

Hey Friends,

Just wanted to chitchat a bit about the lovely gardening day I had.  Being a morning person, I woke up bright and early.  This habit annoys the "night owls" in the house. :-)  During daylily season, I always take a quick look at the main daylily garden right away.  Surprises await me!  We've had very cool nights lately.  Just for the record, Southern daylilies do not like cool nights.  There they stood this morning!  The daylilies were huddled together in the main bed with petals folded tightly.  I hoped they wouldn't pout the day away!  While I was waiting on the lilies to quit huddling, I cooked a batch of hummingbird nectar, and "escorted" the crazy neighborhood cat out of the garden three times (he hasn't figured out this garden is for the birds).  I guess you're wondering what I mean by "escort."  Well, with this stubborn feline, it means chase to the back of the garden and through the thicket, and/or sprinkle/blast with the hose (yes, I said it).  He can't be reasoned with any other way.  Anyway, back to the daylilies, the sun did shine upon them, and the main daylily bed was one big, beautiful blast of color by 10:00 a.m. with daylilies dancing and waving in the breeze.  Here are a few photos from my day in the garden if you have a moment:

'Spacecoast Ojo Rojo'
'Octopus Hugs'
'Springfield Clan'
'Spacecoast Mulberry Motif''
Inherited ... I call it 'Lemon Spider'
Inherited ...
Inherited ...
Pineapple Sage
I pruned the pineapple sage that's planted in the herb garden, 
and was wearing a fab pineapple perfume with mid notes of sage after that. :-)

This is along the path to the back deck.  
I've had lots of fun with this little gardening space.  
That's lavender in the big pot (one of my impulse buys at Publix). 
 I'm delighted it's doing so well because I don't have a good history with lavender.

Me ... gardening like a rock star!  lol

Until next time, let's keep on shining! :-)


  1. Beth, your daylilies always look superb. Do they change in appearance from one year to the next? How old is your oldest one? Cheers.

    1. Thank you, Lee. They say the best water for flowers is perspiration, but that's o.k. if one enjoys it, isn't it? :-) The daylilies bring me lots of joy. Yes, they change in appearance from year to year in that they have taller scapes as the years go by, have better color, have more consistent perfect blooms, and will produce more scapes and blooms once well established. The oldest daylily I have is thirteen years old. It's name is 'Orange Crush,' and was given to me by my late mother-in-law and gardening buddy, Martha. 'Orange Crush' started my whole daylily addiction and is still a star in my garden today. My second oldest daylily is 'Red Volunteer.' It's about 11 years old, and I still love it. I bought this one myself and it's still one of my favorites standing at a stately three feet tall now. I'll try to include it in a post soon. It's more of a "morning" daylily, and doesn't hold up well to this Alabama scorching sun. All the best! :-)