Monday, May 28, 2012

My Virtual Wine Cellar

Welcome to my virtual wine cellar.  I seem to take note of wines of whimsy or those with pretty labels;  the "coffee table books" of the wine world.  A couple of days ago while browsing through the wine section at a "Super Wine Market," I decided to just stock my virtual wine cellar with wines that caught my eye (very inexpensive to stock the virtual cellar). :-)  Let's have a wine tasting ...
Writer's Block
Educated Guess
Gnarly Head & Dancing Bull
Lady In Red
Mad Housewife (I have a feeling "someone" shouldn't have spent time with "Flirt," "Cupcake" and "Lady in Red.")
Chronic Cellars (What a hangover!)
Bitch (Drink the middle one in moderation - scary!)
Snap Dragon

Cycles Gladiator (Possible DUI!)
Flip Flop
Goose Bumps & Blue Eyed Boy
Molly Dakar, The Violinist

This could be dangerous!

Layer Cake, Woop Woop & Razor's Edge
What a combination!

Faithful Hound
Let's hope so!

Fat Bastard (Too much wine!)
Muscato D'Italia
Our Daily Red
Didn't see a name; our lovely "Statue of Liberty."
Hope you enjoyed the wine tasting

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spacecoast Technical Knockout & Slender Lady

Blooms of the day to share with my virtual friends.  I hope you enjoy these. :-)

Spacecoast Technical Knockout
Slender Lady

Sunday, May 20, 2012

LaParilla & California Yogurt Kraze

My husband and I went out for lunch today at LaParilla.  
We were able to sit outside to dine, which was nice
since it was a beautiful, breezy day.

La Parilla
Salad Primavera
I had Salad Primavera with grilled shrimp for lunch.
It was delicious.
My husband had an enchilada, a tamale, rice and refried beans.
I tried to be discreet with my photo snapping during lunch. ;-)

A quick stop at the Home Depot Garden Center ... just to look.  
That's all I did ... look!

Very pretty!

Beautiful Produce
I thought this produce display was certainly photo-worthy 
with the leeks, carrots, eggplants, peppers, etc. so artfully arranged.  
There's an artist working in the produce department at this Publix market.

California Yogurt Kraze
California Yogurt Kraze
And it did ...

Just a few of the toppings available ...
My Creation
My creation of  Italian tart frozen yogurt 
topped with fresh fruit, mango fruit bursts and snow caps.

Our "california yogurt kraze" ends (for now).


Saturday, May 19, 2012


These are a few blooms I managed to snap on my way in and out this past week (it was a hectic week).  I always manage to make a detour through the garden, and right around the main daylily bed on my way out the door to work no matter how hectic things get.  It only takes a minute. :-)

Sebastian the Crab
Mount Herman Giant
It's taken three years for this one to settle in.  It produced an outstanding bloom just in time because 'Mount Herman Giant' was going to give up it's place of honor (the front row) this year, since I've been so disappointed.  The day after I spoke of this dayliliy's demise while standing over it, this beautiful, large, perfectly formed bloom appeared.  I guess it gets to stay now.  Sometimes threats do the trick ... lol.

Don Juan Climbing Rose
Don Juan is not going to disappoint.  
This red, red rose was added to the garden in April, and just look at this stunning bloom already!  
I'm amazed!

Webster's Pink Wonder
This daylily is really a star in the garden, but the "star" quality seems to be rather elusive in photos. 
I'll keep trying.

Apple Tart
Who says mushrooms have to grow in the dark?  These are growing in a pot with my bougainvillea tree.  They are on a sun drenched deck with little water - sun loving, drought tolerant mushrooms.

Herb Garden
 This section of the herb garden is filling out nicely.  The herb garden now includes: cilantro, sweet basil, oregano, chives, rosemary, lemon thyme, German thyme, marjoram, pineapple sage, society garlic (is this really edible?).  Oh, there's my blue "gazing bottle" tucked in between the black and blue salvia, the pineapple sage and the coreopsis.   So far, it's doing an excellent job of adding a cobalt blue pop of color as well as capturing any bad spirits that might be hanging around.

Thanks for stopping by and happy gardening! :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Daylily Delirium

Yes, I'm in the midst of Daylily delirium; 
it will pass in another month or so (it always does).
The daylilies are certainly taking center stage in the garden right now.  
Here are few blooms from the past week:

Spacecoast Mulberry Motif (and a friend)
I love the gilded, ruffled edges. 

Let There Be Peace
Webster's Pink Wonder
This one amazes with a 13 inch bloom!
I waited two, long years to see this one bloom.
Patience is a virtue (that I have to try hard to have sometimes). 

Coaches Laughing Eye
Edna Lankert Memorial
Thin Man
A full length shot of 'Thin Man' 
for my friends who liked the last pic of "him."

Spider Web
I've noticed that some daylilies need to settle in for two or three years before they perform to their potential, while others miraculously bloom quite well the first year they're planted.  The first two years I had 'Spider Web,' I seriously considered giving it away to a friend because this daylily was just so lackluster in performance.  I thought it might need a "change of scenery."  However, this year, 'Spider Web' redeemed itself and more with 11 inch blooms and increased scape height.  It truly shines in the garden now.  

I've been told many times before that I treat my garden like a painting.  Although my daylily collection has a rainbow of colors, I anchor my "patch" (as my husband calls it) with the darkest reds, purples and eggplant daylilies, and light it up with the buttery yellows, the lemon yellows and the whites.  Gardening is just another form of painting to me.  The unplanted areas are just canvases-in-waiting.  What are some tricks or tips you use when creating your "living paintings"?  I'd love to hear about them.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)