Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rip City has Arrived!

Rip City Iris
The beautiful 'Rip City' has arrived.  
This photo was taken early this morning.  
I refrained from going out to the garden
with a flashlight before sunrise
this time. :-)

Rip City Iris - Raindrops
I ran home at lunch to snap a few photos with the tripod 
in the rain.
My husband was so kind to hold the umbrella.
Gardening madness has begun.

Rip City Iris - Raindrop Aerial View
One more 'Rip City' with raindrops.
 Thanks for stopping by. :-)


  1. Amazing colour inside - you have given me a great interest in iris and day lilies. xx

    1. If you ever start collecting either of them, you'll be hooked, Annabelle! xx

  2. oh my, this Iris is so beautiful. I can't grow Japanese Iris here, but the LA iris do fine. I will post a picture of mine, the color is similar, but still, a Bearded Iris IS a Bearded Iris!

    1. Thank you! 'Rip City' hasn't let me down so far. I highly recommend it. I bought 'Rip City' after reading a review from a gardener in Arizona who raved about having it in her garden. I would love to see a pic of your LA iris. :-)

  3. Oh, this is a beautiful iris! No wonder you were outside in the rain taking pictures! You have a sweet and understanding husband!

    1. Thank you, Holley. I love this iris. Yes, my husband is very sweet and understanding. He's been through a lot of gardening madness. :-)