Saturday, April 14, 2012

"The Garden Cafe" is open for business!

"The Garden Cafe" is open for business, and it looks like everyone's having a squawking good time!  "Filet of Sunflower Seed" is the spring special, and "Flower Power Nectar" is the signature drink available at the bar.  The locals are gathering and the tourists have begun to arrive (they fly in from as far away as The West Indies and Canada).  Here's a list of my top five garden locals/tourists.  This is hard because I love them all.  Here we go; I’ll give it a try:

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
I never could choose a favorite feathered friend until I met the Rose-breasted Grosbeak (don't tell the other birds).  It was my immediate favorite from then on because of it's beautiful plumage and it's lovely song (the song of a Robin sung by an opera singer).  This tourist flies in from as far north as northeastern British Columbia.

One of the locals, the Cardinal, is on the favorites list because of the male's striking red plumage complete with a super-hero black mask (I just love accessories).  Did you know this species was named after the red robes worn by Roman Catholic cardinals?  I didn’t know that until I was preparing for this post.  Isn't blogging great?

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are some of my little tourists who fly in from as far as The West Indies.  Rumor has it that the same ones come back to one’s feeder each spring.  I often wonder where mine traveled while they were gone.  I imagine them flying over The Gulf of Mexico.  These feisty little "dears" are very territorial, so there’s a lot of warring that goes on over feeder rights.  Actual dive bombing takes place followed by the little warriors chasing each other around the garden chirping threats all the while.  There have been plenty of little feathers "ruffled" around here.  However, hummingbirds have a sweet side too.  They’ll eat from your hand if you train them.  I often hear my hummingbirds hovering right behind me when I'm changing their feeder.

Carolina Chickadee
The Carolina Chickadee is one of the little locals.  I don't even have to write anything about why I like them.  The photo says it all.  

I want to train my chickadees to do this someday.  I'll have to work on establishing more of a rapport with them than me just filling the feeder.  It's time to socialize the little locals.

Eastern Bluebird
Here's another tourist.  Although flamboyant in appearance, the Eastern Bluebird is very shy.  It breeds from southeastern Canada to The Gulf of Mexico.  That leads me to believe they should be locals, but they never stay after the nesting is finished so I consider them tourists. Hmm-mm, could it be that there's just too much chaos in the bird world around here for them?

I'd love to hear about your feathered friends.  What are some of your favorite birds?

Hope you're having a great weekend! :-)


  1. Seriously jealous of your garden visitors! Wish we had such vibrant coloured birds, our most beautiful is the robin. Off for a little sulk & to contemplate moving countries! x

    1. Hi Jane, Glad you enjoyed seeing the visitors. The Robin in your last post was so cute. Ours aren't fluffy like that one was. Although we'd love to have you over here, you'd have to leave your beautiful garden if you move countries! I'll try to send some colorful birds across the pond. x

  2. Whoaaaa! Beth, you outdid yourself on this one. These images amaze and delight. These look like movie birds. And, getting notoriously ill-tempered hummers to eat from your hand makes you Number One Natural Woman.

    1. Thank you Lee. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and the photos of the movie birds. I will have to borrow the term "movie birds" in the future. Getting the hummers to eat from my hand is on my list for this season. This is my plan: I'll take their feeder down at peak feeding time, dress in red (their favorite color), and hold a small red saucer of nectar, or one of their favorite flowers in my hand. This may have to be done several times. I'll be sure to post updates on this project. :-)

  3. We don't have these colourful birds in London although we do have varieties I guess you will not know. I may copy you and do a similar post this week as we do have lots of visitors to our London garden which you may like yo see. The Chickadee is cute.

    1. I'd love to see your London garden visitors Annabelle. :-)