Monday, March 5, 2012

Perennial Garden

This is one of my perennial gardens from the past.  The daylilies are Mount Herman Giant (gold) and Point of View (red).  This little garden also contained Black-Eyed Susans, Blue Black Salvia, Cannas, a pink Knock Out rose and Lily of the Nile.  It was a joy while I had it until some juvenile delinquent squirrels decided to make a salad out of most of it (roots included).  Thank God they didn't have an appetite for daylilies!


  1. Pretty garden. We too are plagued by squirrels, they steal the food from the bird feeders and dig up the vegetable beds - we are unable to deter them. I wish I could like them - and the greys have now been joined by some unusual blacks that are spreading across UK and I don't like them either xx

  2. Thank you. I never realized how destructive the squirrels could be until a couple of years ago. I'm sorry you have to deal with two types of them now ... one is bad enough. xx