Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Look Here Mary" is it's name.

Look Here Mary ... Beautiful Daylily!
 "Look here Mary" is a tall daylily with a gigantic bloom, and it's a repeat bloomer in southeast Alabama.  This beautiful daylily is also a late bloomer, which helps extend the season in my gardens.


  1. Just got this from a friend's garden, and the valiant clump is blooming away in this awful July heat, marooned in my driveway in a pot. Can't wait to see what it does next year when i get it into my garden in Atlanta this fall.

    1. Hey, Atlanta Gardener,
      Oh, 'Look Here Mary' is a wonderful daylily! It's one of my favorites. I had to stake mine the first year, but no stakes were required after that. 'Look Here Mary' won't disappoint; mine has been outstanding this year. I'd love to hear how yours does in the future. Thanks for stopping by & happy gardening!
      Beth :-)