Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fashion Moment!

One of my "fashion" moments ... :-)
  Well, I just had to post one of my "fashion" moments tonight ... LOL!  Unfortunately, it's too hot here for a hat like this, and I have no trip planned to anywhere cold, so back to the rack it went.  At least I owned it for a moment. :-)

During my "blog time," I've been busy changing my blog theme (still need to customize it a little bit), rewriting my "About Me" page (still working on it).  I have found that my blog has evolved during the short time I've had it into something different than I anticipated.  Has anyone else had this happen?  Annabelle, I should just direct my question to you, since I know you're probably the only one reading this ... LOL.  To begin with, I thought I'd mostly blog about dayliles and gardening, since I 'm a true daylily addict three months out of the year and do love to garden.  Believe me, this blog will be loaded with dayliles, etc. during daylily season.  However, I have found that I like to blog about all sorts of things.  After all, what would I blog about when the flowers aren't in bloom?  Anyway, that's what I've been up to in the blogosphere tonight. :-)


  1. I have discovered that to post every day is important, to take lots of pics essential, and be versatile. I am still learning although been blogging almost two years had a break of one year (cancer) and now just starting again and beginning to pick up followers again. Think more colour in your header (lots of different daylilies?) is a good idea - keeps people interested if they just stumble upon your blog.

  2. Thank you for the great tips Annabelle. I am so sorry you had to endure cancer for a year, and I so hope it is gone from your life for good!:-) How long did it take for you to get a few followers? Oh, by the way, do you have a fascinator? I saw a lot of beautiful hats when I watched Price William and Duchess Kate's wedding. I wish we wore more hats here. I would have bought the one in the picture, but I would have had absolutely no cold weather here to wear it in. So, back to the rack it went ... xx

  3. I do have a lovely fascinator which I bought for my neice's wedding in Las Vegas - it was easier to pack than a hat! Regarding followers - I think it snowballs all of a sudden - get people to post links on their own blog (like I have for you) and people will visit - make the site interesting and they will visit again. That is why photos and daily blogging are pretty essential. I have picked up four followers this week - not sure why but maybe since I am feeling a little better I am doing more. (I travelled much to NZ and France to our appartment in the past and took lots of travel photos which went down well). Sadly I shall not be going too far for the forseeable future as not entirely well. I shall just have to blog about London and crafts and the garden once it gets going. xx

  4. Thank you for the advice. You're in my thoughts and prayers to get entirely well. In the meantime, I know I'll enjoy your posts about London and crafts. I may not post anything tonight ... I've worn myself out at work and since I got home. I'm not a very disciplined blogger tonight, but I'll get myself together tomorrow. :-) xx